Health Care
CoAsia takes care of its staff and their families
by providing various services in fulfilling the healthcare requirements of the whole family.
Employee Physical Examination
Collaborates with the top physical examination center to provide complete physical examinations for the staff. The staff members are able to enjoy quality health checks in the five-star physical examination center.
Dependents’ Physical Examination
Provides an attractive package for dependents to enjoy the health check service.
Complete insurance and retirement plan
Besides providing labor insurance and national health insurance and contributing to the pension fund for every employee on a monthly basis according to the law, CoAsia also provides group package insurance policy for the staff, which covers life insurance, casualty insurance, disability insurance, medical insurance, critical illness insurance, cancer insurance, etc., to ensure a more comprehensive protection plan for the staff.
Dependents’ Insurance
Family members may purchase the group insurance plan provided by the Company at a discounted rate.
Travel insurance
The Company provides employees with high premium travel insurance when they go on business trips, to ensure greater protection for their travel.
Convenient medical services
Taipei City Hospital Nangang Outpatient Clinic is located within the same building as the Company, making medical services very