Heartwarming benefits
The Company collaborates with the welfare committee to facilitate care for the staff by providing holiday gifts and birthday gifts, and organizing festive activities, sharing the meaningful moments of CoAsia with the staff.
Food and beverages
CoAsia provides free tidbits and microwavable food throughout the day, ensuring that the staff will not go hungry even when they work overtime.
Birthday feast
Besides giving out birthday gifts on a monthly basis, birthday parties are held quarterly to celebrate the staff’s birthdays.
Holiday gifts
The welfare committee issues holiday gifts on specific holidays to share the festive joy with the staff.
Festive activities
Christmas party, Mid-Autumn Festival barbeque, Dragon Boat Festival celebration and Lantern Festival riddle contest are organized to share the festive joy with the staff.
Flea Market
Flea markets are held from time to time, where the Company sells items which are not in use to the staff at extremely low prices. The staff may also bring items from their home which they no longer use to make an exchange.