Working in CoAsia, what you earn is not only your salary, but also complete family care. You can rely on CoAsia as it provides you with salary, leave, transport subsidy and communication subsidy.
We provide a variety of competitive compensation programs to motivate employees by aligning their personal development and contributions with the company’s long-term business achievements. We are committed to pay-for-performance incentive programs that reward our employees for the value they add to the company. Award criteria are based on a combination of corporate, team, and individual performances.s (with Taiwan as the example):
Advance salary payment
CoAsia adheres to putting its employees first, and makes advance salary payment on the 15th of the month, so that employees can be more flexible in their financial management.
Bonus Program
We offer various bonus programs to reward employees for performance excellence that contributes to the success of the company. The payout is based on profitability, employees’ contribution, and performance against corporate-defined goals.; the bonus includes year-end bonus, employee profit sharing (Taiwan) and other incentive plans (overseas region).
Parking benefits
CoAsia provides the Sales, PM, FAE with parking spaces in view of their job requirements.
Telecommunication Allowance
In view of the job nature of the business staff who require mobile communication, CoAsia provides them with fixed allowance on a monthly basis.
Mileage Claim Allowance
The staff shall be reasonably subsidized based on the actual mileage incurred for business purposes.
High quality leave
CoAsia is the first to introduce engagement leave, offering its staff a 1-day engagement leave in view of their effort in preparing for the event.
Long maternity leave
CoAsia is the first to offer a 60-day maternity leave, to allow its female employees to have adequate postpartum rest, and establish strong bonding with their babies.