Sharing happiness
To bring fun to the life of the employees, the Company collaborates with the welfare committee to create an excellent environment for the staff. CoAsia does more than you think, be it travel or recreational activities.
Employees’ recreation
The Company regularly organizes various kinds of sports, team building and recreational activities, to help the staff maintain their personal health and work-life balance.
Travel and learning subsidies
The welfare committee provides generous travel and learning subsidies annually, allowing the staff to enjoy exclusive travel with their families and friends in their leisure time. The Company also encourages continuous learning, and provides customized subsidies for the staff, giving them selection flexibility based on individual requirements.
Rest area
The region in the Company premise with the best view is reserved as the rest area for the staff, where they can overlook Taipei 101 and relax while taking a break.
Club activities
The Company has various club resources and provides subsidies to encourage the staff’s participation, in order to establish a stronger relationship among the colleagues.