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Samsung Flash Solutions
Samsung DRAM Solutions for computing, consumer, server.
DDR2 512Mb/1Gb and DDr3 1Gb/2Gb/4Gb IC
DDR3 2Gb/4Gb for IC. Module types are SO DIMM/UDIMM
DDR3 2Gb/4Gb and DDR4 4Gb/8Gb IC. Server DIMM for module type.
NAND Flash
It is an electronic programmable read-only form-type memory, allowing been repeatedly rubbed or write in operation memory. This technology is mainly used for general data storage, and transmission of information between computers and other digital products exchange.
There are SLC,MLC,TLC types and support 1Gb/4Gb/8Gb/16Gb/32Gb/64Gb.
eMMC is an embedded memory standard the MMCA (MultiMediaCard Association, MultiMediaCard Association) entered into rimarily for mobile products, simplifying the design of memory, multi-chip package (MCP) to NAND Flash chips and control chip bag into a wafer components omitted occupied board space, eMMC can be said is an embedded MMC standard interface products.
eMMC has a multi-functional, including storage and
replace NOR Flash boot function, the biggest benefit is that mobile phone manufacturers do not need to because the NAND Flash vendors or different process generation and re-design specifications, treatable NAND Flash compatibility and management issues, phone customers only need to purchase eMMC chips, into the phone, not only the time to market of new products and research and development costs, and accelerate product introductions speed.
UFS is specifically tailored for mobile applications and computing systems requiring high performance and low power consumption. Next generation Flash Storage for Mobile or high speed device.
High speed, low power consumption, shockproof, the future to replace hard disk in mobility and Server industry.
Samsung Mobile Dram and MCPs
MCP: Multi Chip Package (MCP, multi-chip package) is a package, the different memory integrated into a single chip set within NAND/eMMC + Mobile DRAM…
Mobile DRAM
Low power consumption in Samsung Mobile DRAM. Including LPDDR2, LPDDR3,LPDDR4.
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