Mobile Solution
Application processor (AP) has the same functions as CPU. However, Samsung uses ARM as the core of the CPU, which is more suitable for handheld devices since it delivers high performance as well as low power consumption and system cost.
Samsung’s advanced manufacturing technology and high quality design capability in AP allows Samsung to provide a series of ARM core (SoCs) with price advantage and highly competitive features, Samsung also has highly integrated technology with POP (package on package), which can save more on the size of the actual design and engineer more compact products.
Product Introduction
Exynos 4412 Cortex –A9 Quad-Core /
clock speed 1.4 & 1.6 GHz
Exynos 4418 Cortex – A9 Quad-Core /
clock speed 1.4GHz
Exynos 5260 Cortex-A9 Dual-Core /
clock speed 1.5GHz
Exynos 5410 Cortex-A15+ Cortex-A7
Octa-Core / clock speed 2.1GHz
Exynos 6818 Cortex – A53 Octa-Core /
clock speed 1.4GHz
Product Applications
Set-Top-Box (STB)
Exynos 4418 – OTT Solution (IP/OTT STB w/ & w/o CVBS)
Turnkey : Exynos 4418 / 6818 / 5260 / 5410
SMDK reference design
Exynos 4412 / 4418 / 5260 / 5410 / 6818
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